Cleaning Service

We offer a comprehensive cleaning service, which includes the following:

Basic Chemical Service

For those customers that don’t want to handle and store chemicals, don’t mind emptying your baskets and keeping the pool clean.

  • Weekly service.
  • Testing the water, and adding the necessary chemicals to balance your pool water.

Full Service Pool Cleaning

When you just want to relax and enjoy your pool, we offer our full service program.

  • Weekly service.
  • Vacuum the bottom
  • Skim the top
  • Empty out all baskets
  • Testing the water
  • Balancing out the chemicals that make your pool water clear
  • Brushing the walls of the pool
  • Visually checking your equipment and pool to ensure proper operation
  • Notifying you of any issues or concerns found

Acid Wash

The best way to deal with discolored plaster is an acid wash. It is less expensive than re-plastering the entire pool, and if discoloration is your problem, an acid wash might be your solution. We drain the pool, and wash all of the plaster with a mixture of water and muriatic acid. This process eliminates the tough stains and yellowing of the pool.

Filter Cleaning

This job requires opening the filter and rinsing down all the grids or cartridges and the inside of the filter. We then check every grid or cartridge carefully to make sure there are no cracks or rips in them and no debris is being returned to your pool. Cartridges and grids that are bad are replaced. The filter is then re-assembled and re-charged.

Algae Removal

It can take between two days and two weeks to remove the algae, depending on the type and extent of the algae infestation. We shock your pool with high levels of chlorine and algaecides to kill the algae in your pool, and vacuum the dead algae to leave your pool clean and safe.

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